You're welcome to take a tour of our lovely cat shelter in Swanwick, in return for a donation of cat food or litter. To make an appointment, or to discuss rehoming one of our rescue cats, please get in touch using one of the methods below. We regret we are unable to rehome kittens under six months to homes where there is a child under five.

Opening hours: Visits by appointment only please. Tues-Sun (closed Mon), 11am-4pm. Volunteers 8am-6pm.
Call: 07941 806536.
Adoption fee: £75 (£20 deposit to reserve)
We also have a boarding cattery that helps support the rescue side of things, check out our beautiful cattery on and our fabulous reviews on

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

A Happy Christmas at Woodland Nook

All may have been quiet on the blog front but Woodland Nook itself has been a hive of activity as always, so there’s lots to report!

Several of the shelter cats were lucky enough to get new homes in time for Christmas.

  • Juliette is now happily renamed Coco.
  • Cally and Luke (the last the of the "boy band" kittens) were rehomed together and Luke has been renamed Sonic. 
  • Porsche went to her new home just after Christmas, too. 

And the shelter was delighted – and very grateful – to the kind folk at Vets4Pets in Sutton-in-Ashfield who held a Shoebox collection for Woodland Nook, which resulted in a fabulous donation of essential supplies!

Another welcome gift was this fabulous play tunnel, which proved very interesting to all the residents...

Lots of presents were opened at Woodland Nook on Christmas Day so a big thank you to everyone who donated. Such donations enable the shelter to keep running, and providing cats and kittens with a comfortable and happy life before they find their forever homes.

Finally, when doing your online sales shopping, please think of Woodland Nook and head to EasyFundraising before you shop. This way, you could help the shelter by triggering a FREE donation. It costs you nothing and raises funds for the shelter, so it’s a win-win!

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

RIP Bobby

A sad day at Woodland Nook as lovely Bobby has left us. Bobby had been unwell and a trip to the vet’s revealed “him” to be a girl after all. But no sooner were Jane and the volunteers getting used to the idea of Bobby being a Bobbi than further tests at the vets revealed a mass in her abdomen. Due to its size and Bobbi’s advanced years (she was well into her teens), unfortunately the kindest option was to put her to sleep.

Poor Bobbi, we will miss you but we’re glad you were rescued and could spend your final months in the comfort of Woodland Nook instead of living your life as a stray.

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Last few Woodland Nook Calendars - now with free gift!

We only have a few calendars left so make sure you don’t miss out! Order your calendar before Christmas and, if you hurry, you’ll get a FREE pack of cat treats* to feed to your furry friend while flicking through the pages and adding your important 2015 events.

To order your calendar, please use the Paypal link or email

* only available while supplies last

Saturday, 20 December 2014

The Derby Telegraph photo gallery... behind the scenes

I thought you’d like to hear about some of the fun and games we had last weekend, when Kate, Natasha and I tried to take a series of festive pictures for a Derby Telegraph photo gallery. 

We’d taken along some Christmassy props, including a small decorated tree, a garland and a stocking.

Needless to say, all didn’t go to plan. First of all, the tree had to be confiscated as the kittens were trying to chew the fairy lights! So we piled the garland into a heap and stood the cats in it. Of course, they kept moving. Dreamies would surely help? But no, if you hide cat treats in a Christmas garland, all you get is crowd scenes... of cats’ bottoms.

In the end we managed to get semi-decent (ie cat in frame but not necessarily in sharp focus!) pix of about eight of the cats.

The winning formula was this. We pinned the garland around an empty window frame from the bedroom to the TV lounge. I lay on the settee below the window so I could look up at the cats and take pictures (no double chins!). Inevitably, my legs were soon playing host to Felix, which hindered my movement (and breathing!) somewhat. Kate applied catnip spray to the garland then she and Natasha methodically placed the cats in the frame.

The addition of catnip did result in a lot of unflattering “spaced-out” looks, but we deleted all those... and eventually we managed to get just enough to warrant a photo gallery on the Derby Telegraph website, providing publicity for the shelter. Even if it doesn’t result in immediate requests for adoption, it keeps Woodland Nook fresh in people’s minds and they may think of us in the future when they find they need (yes, need) a cat. 

Friday, 19 December 2014

Nomination for Woodland Nook

Woodland Nook has been nominated for this award from Petplan for Animal Charity Team of the Year and is now the proud owner of a certificate, which is displayed in the shelter. 
The winners will be announced on 22nd April at the Petplan and ADCH Animal Charity Awards ceremony.
Jane would like to thank everyone who nominated the shelter for this award. And it’s still not to late to send YOUR nominations in... surely the more nominations, the stronger our case!
All the details about the awards and how to nominate can be found by clicking HERE

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Twice as nice: the benefits of adopting kittens in pairs

One of our adopters wrote: “Last year I decided that I wanted to adopt a kitten so I contacted Woodland Nook Cat Rescue. They convinced me to take not just one kitten but one of her siblings, too. Best decision ever made! 

“Pixie and George eat, sleep and play together. They sit together in the bay window, watching everything going on outside, always grooming each other and running around the house playing chase for hours. They are wonderful company for each other. They never stray far from each other’s side. They are inseparable; I’m so happy that I didn't separate them.”

Most cats, regardless of their age, are highly social and are happier living with other cat companions.

Kittens are no exception.

Here are six reasons not to adopt a single kitten:

Delayed development
Kittens want and need interaction with other kittens for healthy social development. A kitten will learn from its mother and litter mates. Separating a kitten from its mother is often necessary for adoption. But taking a kitten away from its litter mates can delay his development emotionally, socially and physically.  Kittens who remain with a litter mate or a similarly aged companion are healthier, happier and better socialised. 

Destructive behaviour
Kittens are curious and crave constant stimulation. A single kitten will become bored and entertain itself by chewing plants, climbing curtains and furniture. It is less likely that kitten who live with other kittens will engage in destructive and sometimes dangerous behaviour.

Night-time disruption
Kittens are active at night. A single kitten may wake you with hunting behaviour such as jumping and pouncing. However, two kittens will occupy each other with play until they fall into a contented sleep. 

It is right that kittens “play bite” and tussle with each other. Without another kitten to play with, a kitten will practise on you for stimulation. 

Demanding constant attention
Anyone at home during the day will find that a single kitten will demand constant attention so occupying all your waking hours. A pair of kittens will still interact with you but they can occupy each other while you get on with your daily activities.

Irritating to an older cat
Think twice before bringing a kitten home to a senior feline! A kitten may have too much energy for an older cat. Kittens want to run and play and interact. This may irritate and overwhelm an older cat and the kitten may be frustrated if the senior companion doesn't want to “play”. Then you end up with two miserable cats. Behavioural problems, such as destructive scratching or not using the litter tray when needing the toilet will probably occur. Long-term, the two may never enjoy a close relationship as their first experience of each other was negative. Best to match an older cat with someone slightly younger and of a similar personality. 

Adopting a single kitten or young cat is not a good idea. 
Our aim is to ensure our kittens and cats are adopted into loving, happy Forever Homes.

Jane Lynegar

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Pebbles' story ... in her own words

Once upon a time,
Happy ever after...

“Not for you, sister,” thought Pebbles as she sat brooding atop the wardrobe, where she had spent the last few weeks.

It was Kitten 101: ”Always take the high ground, the first lesson instilled in her by her mother.

It had been 21 sunsets since she had arrived in this strange new place. Twenty-one sunsets since the door of the plastic prison has been opened and she had bolted to the safest place she could see. And that was why she now found herself still on top of the wardrobe.

Sure, the humans who had abducted her had provided shelter and there was an abundance of food, which Pebbles grudgingly admitted was more than welcome. But why oh why did they insist on trying to touch her? 

It had started from the moment she has arrived. Hands, always hands, why must they use those grasping, poking, grabbing, yanking, pulling hands? She had fought, oh how she had fought, with tooth and claw. Pebbles clearly remembered drawing blood and the small feeling of catisfaction at seeing the glistening red drops welling up from the four parallel stripes. Then realisation set in and she tensed awaiting the retribution that would surely come.

But retribution never came. No matter how many times she lashed out, she was never punished, no matter how much blood she drew, all she received was kind words, soft words, words of encouragement and, even more surprising… treats. Manna from heaven, a cat’s only weakness, her Kryptonite: Dreamies.

Weeks passed, long confusing weeks, for the pretty little cat called Pebbles – or Pebs as the humans she dwelled with now called her. Pebs had gradually grown more accustomed to her new surroundings and her innate curiosity had got the better of her. She had left the safety of the wardrobe and now spent much of her time in a covered bed on a much lower cupboard on the other side of the room. She still made frequent forays to the wardrobe, stopping to stare through the window at an outside world she had no interest in visiting.

And then one fateful night it happened. It was late and Pebbles had eaten and eaten well. She was in that pleasant state of having a full belly and was dozing peacefully in a semi-dreamlike state. 

That was when she felt it; the gentle caress of a hand, softly stroking her.She didn't mean to, she didn't think she would, but a purr escaped her lips… a purr of contentment. 

Pebbles sat up, shocked at herself and looked at the Human female, the one who had dared to make her let her guard down…

“Thats strange,” thought Pebbles.
“The female’s eyes are leaking. She must be broken.”

And so the months passed and Pebbles grew fat on compliments and attention.Though having seen eight summers and considered old, Pebbles always knew she looked good and it was nice that someone else recognised it.

With the care and attention the humans lavished on her, Pebbles’ confidence grew and she took to exploring more and more. When things got too much for her, she would retire to one of the many covered bolt holes provided for her, where she could watch the comings and goings of the other cats… and even one big smelly creature, called an “Evie”.

Pebbles did not care to mix with these other animals, but was quite content to sit and watch their comical antics. Indeed, Pebbles’ new favourite thing was to sit on the bottom of the stairs, watching thoughtfully and drinking in the new sights and smells of this so far unexplored area.

"One day soon" thought Pebbles…

Once upon a time,
Happy ever after...

“Fairy tales can happen,” thought Pebbles, as she gently purred herself to sleep between her Human Mummy and Daddy. 


Pebbles’ Story, by Pebbles Phillips with Greg D’Amour.

About the author: Pebbles lives in Derbyshire with her family. She has no future plans to write although she may if the desire takes her. She is quite happy to enjoy her retirement and her status as Diva.

Friday, 12 December 2014

Money for nothing

Thank you to everyone who has signed up for EasyFundraising. If you haven't done so already, please do so now, as you can help Woodland Nook while doing your online Christmas shopping.

To put this in perspective, we have already raised a wonderful £11.14, and that's with just six supporters. Imagine how much more we could raise if every single one of our Facebook Group members joined and shopped this way!

For more details about this fabulous fundraising method - which costs you and Woodland Nook absolutely nothing - please click here!  You can raise money through Amazon, eBay, Bestpet, Tesco, Groupon and many, many more sites. All you have to do is visit Easyfundraising first, then follow the link from their site. Or you can download the easy-to-use toolbar (unfortunately it doesn't work with Amazon and eBay, but it works with the rest!).

Happy shopping!

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Helping our Cretan kitty friends

As well as raising an amazing £1,000 for Woodland Nook at the fundraiser at the weekend, visitors were also keen to help our kitty friends in Crete, donating goods and purchasing items to send out to shelter workers on the island.

At the end of the day this huge crate was filled with essentials, including cat carriers, food, bowls and more.

Naturally, nosey Solo – the first cat Jane ever rescued from Crete – couldn’t resist inspecting the cargo. Let’s hope he doesn’t hop inside or he might find himself back in warmer climes!

Monday, 8 December 2014

And the grand total is...

What an amazing day! We didn’t let the weather get us down and lots of brave volunteers and supporters turned out to the very first fundraiser inside Woodland Nook, organised by the lovely Marina (or “Pebbles’ Mum” as she is also known). 

It was a pretty mammoth task getting all the cats and kittens moved, but it all worked out in the end, leaving the shelter free and with its doors open. This was a weird feeling; lots of volunteers remarked that it felt very odd having the doors propped wide open, even though they all knew that all the cats were secured elsewhere. 

Here are some images from around the fundraiser, although unfortunately I didn’t get one of Marina herself, or any of the outdoor stalls! Scroll down for the final total...

On the day and incredible £982.84 was raised ... which a mystery donor has rounded up to an absolutely fabulous £1,000! What a wonderful Christmas present for the cats and kittens at the shelter... now they can have a new roof on the Lindee Lou isolation section.

Huge thanks to everybody who contributed to this marvellous total. Your efforts are always appreciated!

Friday, 28 November 2014

Fundraising - and FIVE more ways to help

Volunteers and supporters have been busy working away to help the cats and kittens of Woodland Nook this Christmas!

Last weekend shelter supporters had a stall in Alfreton and raised a wonderful £173.50 which was brilliant! However, to put this in perspective, that will feed the cats and heat the shelter for just under two weeks, so the fundraising efforts continue in earnest. It is a particularly good time of year for fundraising as people are feeling generous with the Christmas spirit. On the other hand, it’s not a great time for rehoming as Christmas is not a good time to introduce a pet into the family. Also, the shelter costs more to heat in winter!

Last night, supporters were out in force in Alfreton again, this time for the festive Lights Switch-on, offering pies and peas to hungry shoppers, courtesy of Marco’s fish and chip shop. What a wonderful way to support the shelter! We’ re still waiting for the final total...

Here are FIVE MORE WAYS you can help!

1. Join Easyfundraising

1. Sign up to Easyfundraising
This is a brilliant and FREE way of supporting Woodland Nook all year round. But it would be fantastic if you signed up NOW, while internet shopping is at the front of our minds in the run-up to Christmas! CLICK HERE for more details.

2. Come to our fund-raiser

2. Attend our next fund-raiser
This is on Sunday, 7th December, at Woodland Nook in the shelter itself. Come along and bring your wallets and purses as we’ll have lots of fun Christmassy gifts for you and your pets.

3. Buy a calendar...

3. Buy a Woodland Nook calendar
These are selling well and we only had a very limited supply printed, so don’t delay! The calendar features pictures of Woodland Nook cats and kittens, all taken by volunteers and chosen from dozens and dozens of entries. These high-quality A4 calendars are just £8, with all proceeds going to the shelter. CLICK HERE for more details, then contact Jane to order a copy, but hurry!

4. Wear your t-shirt with pride

4. Wear a Woodland Nook t-shirt
A great way to start the conversation about Woodland Nook and recruit more supporters! Wear your t-shirt with pride. CLICK HERE for more details, then contact Jane to order yours!

5. A Christmas present...
5. Buy a Christmas present for Woodland Nook
Have a friend or relative who already has everything they need? Tell them you’ve purchased a gift for Woodland Nook this Christmas instead. Or simply add us to your Christmas list and donate food, medicines or cat litter to ease our running costs. If everybody bought us a small gift of pouches, or a bag of cat litter, it will REALLY help us keep those winter bills under control! You can even order direct from Amazon and have your order sent straight to Woodland Nook, as these kind people did... and don’t forget to go through the Easy Fundraising website first, so that Woodland Nook gets a little extra donation, too!

So, lots of ideas there, hope you can help us this Christmas!

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Easy and free way to raise funds for Woodland Nook

If you shop online there’s now an easy and free way for you to support Woodland Nook Cat Rescue. 

Through easyfundraising, every time you shop at selected online stores, a percentage of the amount spent will  be donated to Woodland Nook! Hundreds of popular retailers are participating including Amazon, M&S, Vodafone, eBay, Tesco, Viking and more than 3,000 others.

All you need to do is use the links provided on the easyfundraising site whenever you shop online. The retailer will then give Woodland Nook up to 15% of every purchase you make – it’s that simple! 

It doesn’t cost you a penny extra – and you can even save money as many retailers give exclusive discounts, special offers and even 'e-vouchers' exclusive to easyfundraising.

If you already shop online why not help raise extra funds for us by using this completely free service? Follow the instructions below to find out how.

Get started today!
1. Go to and register for FREE!

2. Once you are registered, use the links on the easyfundraising site to go to your favourite online shops and shop in the usual way.

3. Every time you shop online, log on to and use their links to visit your favourite shops.

Please encourage your friends and family to sign up too and raise even more money for Woodland Nook! 

For more information on the easyfundraising service please visit their 'Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)' page by clicking here

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Loki ... all the way from Crete

All the way from Crete comes little Loki, who needs a very special home and a very special new family to share. Loki is about six months old and is partially sighted; he only has one eye, which has limited vision. But he copes very well and is very loving. He would love a new home, preferably with another young cat who will look out for him.

Loki is not well at the moment but Jane is nursing him back to health with a special diet. Watch this space for more news of this special little kitty.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Could YOU volunteer at Woodland Nook?

We are currently looking to recruit more volunteers to help at Woodland Nook. It's dirty work, and the pay is rubbish (ie, non-existent!) but it's a very rewarding job, as you'll get to meet some wonderful kitty characters and help them heal before going onto what will hopefully turn out to be their happy ever after. 

A typical shift involves feeding the cats, emptying litter trays, cleaning up any little accidents, reporting any issues in the diary, cleaning the shelter, emptying/filling the dishwasher/washing machine and, when all that’s done, you can stroke the cats and kittens as much as you like! 

Why not make volunteering your New Year's resolution? We are currently looking for help on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and can always use extra hands around holiday times. 

Take a look at what one of our volunteers has to say about her work... just click here

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Ruby and Azazel

Continuing an ongoing black and white theme, Azazel and Ruby are the latest additions to Woodland Nook. They are brother and sister, aged five years. Poor Azazel has been stressed lately and pulling out his fur, but with a loving home, he should relax and soon be in tip-top condition again. The pair are very close friends and need to be rehomed together.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

What’s another year?

A year is a long time when you’re a cat. And, sadly, it’s nearly a year since Kitty’s world was turned upside-down.

Kitty was a Woodland Nook cat back in 2009, when she was adopted by a lovely couple. They adored Kitty and looked after her well and, when one of her owners died, the other continued to care for her and give her all the love she could ever need.

But there was more sad news and Kitty’s owner died... on Christmas Day of all days.

Kitty was brought back to the safety of Woodland Nook, where she has been cared for ever since. She has food, shelter and some fuss, but she’s not the most approachable of cats. We believe this is because she is not comfortable having so many other cats around her and that she would calm down in a less busy environment. All she really wants is to live in a quiet home, with no other cats, just as she did until Christmas 2013.

What I find saddest of all is that we all hope our pets would be cared for if anything happened to us. And I can’t help feeling that the lovely couple who adored Kitty would be devastated to know she she’s still at Woodland Nook waiting for another family to love her.

Could you give Kitty a happier Christmas in 2014?

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Tinka needs a home

Lovely Tinka is still looking for his forever home. He thought he’d found it a few weeks ago but it didn’t work out. Not that Tinka is a problem cat, far from it. He’s beautiful, friendly, has a very loud purr and extremely soft fur. He’s playful... in fact he’s a little boisterous at the moment but a trip to the vet this week should calm him down! He’s at that difficult age... 

But Tinka would make a wonderful family pet as he’s such a loving cat. Could you provide him the forever home he deserves?

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

A new home for Porsche

Little Porsche got her Christmas wish! She went to her new home at the weekend, joining Angel, the beautiful pure white cat who left Woodland Nook several months ago.

When Porsche arrived at Woodland Nook she was tiny and frightened. But she blossomed into a beautiful young lady who will hopefully prove a lovely companion to Angel.

Edited to add: Sadly, Porsche has been returned to Woodland Nook and is now available for rehoming again.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Support Woodland Nook with calendars and t-shirts

Our calendars have arrived and we are rather pleased with them! We only had a few printed, so don’t delay, order yours today! Either email Jane, or use the Paypal link at the top of the page. They are £8 each, plus £1.50 postage where necessary. And they’re going like hot cakes!

We also have some fab T-shirts so you can show your support for Woodland Nook to the world! Available in Medium and Large in a variety of designs at £14.99 each. Get in touch with Jane for more details!

Wouldn ’t these both make fabulous Christmas gifts for a cat-loving friend?

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Adopting a furry soul. Are you looking for perfection? Or purr-fection?

Bob: only one eye but lots of love to give

Adopting a cat is not all chocolate box kittens, fluffiness and purrs. It takes time to develop a relationship with your new family member.

Settling in
Your cat will understandably be disturbed by the move. However lovely your home may be, it will be unfamiliar territory and your cat will take time to adjust. It may take days – or even weeks – for your cat to emerge from behind the sofa.

Feisty Loulou - loves trees (they make good scratching posts, too)

Your furniture
If you’re very houseproud, think long and hard before adopting a cat. Your furniture and carpets may get scratched, so provide a scratching post from day one as a more appropriate alternative. You can’t guarantee that your cat will use it, though!

Provide a cat bed but don’t be offended if it’s rejected. Your white settee may be a lot more comfortable – it might be time to invest in a washable throw. Curtains are sure to suffer as sitting on the windowsill watching the world go by is a favourite occupation of many cats, and fur and dirt will be transferred to the curtains as they squeeze through the gaps. 

Bobby: an elderly gent who wants a second chance

Unwanted presents
Your cat is a trained killer and may or may not bring you ‘presents’, such as dead (or live!) rodents, birds, frogs, etc. You cannot stop this, but you can fit a safety collar with a bell to give the wildlife a chance. If your cat is bringing them inside, consider restricting access – eg, just allow cat flap access to the porch, where he or she can be frisked and searched before allowing into the main house. Which brings us on to…

Little ‘accidents’
Your cat will almost definitely wee, poo or vomit in an unfortunate place at some during its lifetime. We’ve heard of pets urinating in sock drawers, handbags, tissue boxes, Lego… and if anything unfortunate happens on a rug, it’s almost certain to happen on the tassels, so that it’s even harder to clean up!

Cats don’t do this deliberately. Take a look at things from their point of view. They will invariably choose the most appropriate place to go to the toilet in the absence of a suitable tray. If a tray is provided but it’s not big enough, clean enough, private enough or doesn’t have enough litter in it, your cat may reject it. If they’re unwell, with diarrhoea for instance, they won’t have time to look for a toilet, so provide lots of newspaper until the vet’s treatment kicks in.

Vomiting is a different matter; when you gotta puke, you gotta puke, and no cat is going to stop to think about the clean-up process!

Kitty: occasionally lashes out, but she’s a little stressed in the shelter

Biting and scratching
Even the most docile of cats is still, in its heart and mind, a wild animal. All cats have their limits and will scratch, bite and hiss when frightened or threatened. Some will lash out simply when they’ve had enough of being stroked. Treat them with respect and they will invariable return that respect to you. Give it time to settle in and become less frightened.

Tinka: being treated for diarrhoea but will adore you

A happy family
Those are some of the disadvantages of owning a cat.

But any cat lover will tell you that these little niggles are more than outweighed by the pleasures of sitting with a warm cat on your knee, listening to contented purring. 

That even a dismembered mouse becomes insignificant when its killer chirrups with delight and looks to you for approval. That you’ll burst with pride when your previously shy cat blinks slowly at you for the first time (blink back, it’s only polite). That a perfectly sensible conversation can be held between human and cat, both understanding the other’s every utterance. That your cat is part of your family, and deserves to be treated as such. Families aren’t perfect, but they stand by each other. So stand by your cat. (*cue music*).


Now it’s over to you. Is your cat less than perfect but totally purr-fect? Maybe he wees in your slippers but you love his rewarding ankle rubs? Perhaps he’s no looker, but is beautiful to you... tell us why your cat’s imperfections don’t matter to you and submit, with a pic, to for possible inclusion on our blog! 

Monday, 10 November 2014

Lovely Loulou - STILL needs a home

Poor Loulou. Always overlooked, just because she can be a little bit feisty. But maybe you want a boring cat that doesn’t do much? You’re not going to get that with Loulou. 

Loulou came all the way from Crete to Woodland Nook to find her forever home and yet she’s still waiting. It’s incomprehensible because she’s...

Beautiful - she has gorgeous, unique markings and the softest of soft fur.

Intelligent - she knows her name and comes running when you call her.

Friendly - she loves to be stroked and fussed. 
In quiet moments, she loves to sit on your knee. 

Feisty - even though she loves fuss, she will let you know when it’s time to stop. 
But she’s not aggressive with it; remember she is still very young so has a lot to learn. 

Playful - she adores playing with sticks and twigs! 
She loves climbing trees and especially enjoys shredding leaves!

Unique - despite being a cat, she likes nothing better than to play with water. 
She loves it when you fill the fountain.

Quirky - And if she gets under your feet when you’re trying to clean, just give her a dripping tap! 

A little bit weird - even the watering can is fascinating to Loulou. 

Adventurous - take a look at Loulou scaling the mesh on the Wendy house door!

Sad - Loulou really wants a home, and a human, she can call her own. All those kittens get on her nerves and, even though she doesn’t exactly crave a quiet life, she does enjoy a bit of peace and quiet now and again. 

On a personal note, if we had a vacancy, we would have Loulou. We once had a cat very much like her. A rescue cat like Loulou, her name was Phoebe and she was friendly, but with a feisty nature. But she was as gentle as anything with our baby daughter (now a Woodland Nook volunteer!) and was an important part of our family for 11 years. I hope that one day soon, somebody will give Loulou the chance that we gave Phoebe and allow her to become part of their lives.