You're welcome to take a tour of our lovely cat shelter in Swanwick, in return for a donation of cat food or litter. To make an appointment, or to discuss rehoming one of our rescue cats, please get in touch using one of the methods below. We regret we are unable to rehome kittens under six months to homes where there is a child under five.

Opening hours: Visits by appointment only please. Tues-Sun (closed Mon), 11am-4pm. Volunteers 8am-6pm.
Call: 07941 806536.
Adoption fee: £75 (£20 deposit to reserve)
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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Kitty needs a home!

Beautiful Kitty is looking for a home. She isn't keen on other cats but loves being stroked on the back of her head. She has lots of little white speckles all over her black fur. Already litter trained and calm - so ideal to introduce to a family where a kitten would not be appropriate. 

Poor kitty was adopted in 2009 but, sadly, her owner died so she was returned to Woodland Nook and is now looking for a second chance at a forever home. 

If you adopted Kitty, this is how excited she would be...

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Solo helping with Jane’s tax return

“All these numbers are all Greek to me!”

For many of us, it’s that horrible time of year when you simply HAVE to do your tax return... or face a £100 fine. Good job Solo’s there to help Jane at her time of need!

For those who don’t know his story, Solo was the first cat to come over from Crete to stay at the shelter for rehoming. He’s quite a character.

Then Jane decided that she didn’t have enough cats... so added him to her feline collection, where he has settled in very nicely indeed.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Ceefur - wake me up when it's spring

“Wake me up when it’s spring”
Ceefur certainly seems a lot more relaxed these days. She’s currently staying at our sister cattery, Top Cat ’n’ Tails, where she enjoys a life of luxury with no other cats bothering her. As what she loves most of all is to be left alone, she’s having a great time. She does venture out for a fuss now and again, but mostly just chills in her bed.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Shop now open!

The Woodland Nook shop is now open! Visitors to our unique shelter can now purchase selected items including catnip toys, cat collars and handmade blankets. There is also a selection of books, bric a brac and toiletries for sale. More items will be added soon.

You can also now order your handmade garden furniture and cat accessories online, through our online store. Please click here for full details.

Friday, 10 January 2014

Fundraising - handcrafted items for sale

The following items are available to purchase, to raise much-needed funds for Woodland Nook Cat Rescue:

Indoor/outdoor scratching post
Complete with quality sisal rope. Non-tip design.
Height: 32"
Platform: 20.25" square
Price: £70

Hexagonal garden planter
Large, six-sided, complete with feature lip surround
Height: 15.5"
Width 30.5"
Price: £135

Archway Garden Seat
Height: 83"
Base width: 61"
Depth : 40"
Price: £345

Also available: 2014 calendars - now reduced to £5! See link at the top right.

Coming soon: Shelter shop, selling small items such as catnip toys, collars, cat food, gifts etc. Please email for details.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Pebbles has a happy ending

After the sad news about Cookie, it’s time for a happier ending... and this brings us to the remarkable story of Pebbles. 

Visitors to Woodland Nook may remember Pebbles holding court on top of the cupboard to the right of the shelter entrance. She occasionally went outside to sit on the porch roof but rarely ventured far. Any attempts to stroke Pebbles would result in a stripey hand as Pebbles had been badly abused in the past and had no trust in human beings. 

She was not exactly going to be top choice for any potential adopters. But then along came Marina, who took Pebbles to her forever home in May and, with lots of time and patience, has gradually begun to earn her trust. 

Marina says: “She lived on top of our wardrobe for three weeks but we slowly moved her bed to a lower cupboard. She actually sleeps on our bed now and likes being cuddled up to someone.

“She has her playful moments, one of photos is her playing while I’m changing the bedding. We do get to stroke her and she loves it but after a while, she hits her limit; sometimes walks away, sometimes attacks hands but it seems more playful and not much effort.

“She does like to cuddle up next to me and I stroke her while reading in bed, which is lovely. She’s very vocal at times, especially if she wants to get into my son’s room. She has moody times but we’re used to that and give her space.

“Pebs sometimes comes downstairs (when she’s in the mood) and likes to sit on a high kitchen cupboard and watch everyone.

“I think she’s doing well. Everything is very slow as she lacks confidence but, with each win, it grows.
We knew it wouldn”t happen over night for her, and trust has to be earned. We love her and she is so worth the wait.”

Thanks for the update, Marina – I do like a happy ending!

Thursday, 2 January 2014

RIP Cookie

It was a sad day, just before Christmas, when Cookie had to leave us. She was very old, blind... and her health deterioriated so the necessary trip to the vet’s had to be taken. Such a sweet old lady; she will be missed.

If you find could room in your heart and home for an older cat, there are more at Woodland Nook and they nearly always get overlooked. An older cat makes a faithful companion – and will often keep your lap warm in the winter months! Please contact using the details at the top of the page if you would like more information.