You're welcome to take a tour of our lovely cat shelter in Swanwick, in return for a donation of cat food or litter. To make an appointment, or to discuss rehoming one of our rescue cats, please get in touch using one of the methods below. We regret we are unable to rehome kittens under six months to homes where there is a child under five.

Opening hours: Visits by appointment only please. Tues-Sun (closed Mon), 11am-4pm. Volunteers 8am-6pm.
Call: 07941 806536.
Adoption fee: £75 (£20 deposit to reserve)
We also have a boarding cattery that helps support the rescue side of things, check out our beautiful cattery on and our fabulous reviews on

Friday, 31 October 2014

The Big Reveal

Drum roll please! It’s time for the Big Reveal. I’m sure you’re all desperate to see which pictures have been selected and which cats will be starring in our 2015 calendar!

Shown here are some sample pages, so you can see what to expect when (not if, WHEN) you order your calendar. Remember, all profits go to Woodland Nook, so it’s a very worthy cause! But also remember that they are limited edition, so get your orders in quickly please!

If you click on the pix, they should enlarge, so you can read them properly. 

Front page
Sample picture page
Sample calendar page

If your photograph has been chosen to appear, you’ll see it on the following pages, which have information about the cats, and you will be receiving a FREE calendar when they become available. Congratulations to all concerned – and a big thank you to EVERYONE who submitted pictures. They were all gratefully received. Even if they weren’t chosen – and trust us, it was very hard to eliminate some of them, but there are only 12 months in a year! - we enjoyed looking at them all and reading their heartwarming stories. 

Info about cats featured, January to June

Info about cats featured, July to December

Now for the important bit - “speak now or forever hold your peace” and all that. 

1. If your PHOTOGRAPH has been featured, please check the bottom of the page with the photo credits. If your name isn’t there, or if it’s spelled incorrectly, PLEASE SHOUT UP NOW!
2. If your CAT has been featured, please check the relevant information on the cat info pages, to ensure that its new name (where applicable) is featured and spelled correctly. If you see anything incorrect, PLEASE SHOUT UP NOW!

The calendar will be going to the printer on Sunday evening, so after that, it will be too late to make any changes. 

Looking forward to receiving your orders. Calendars will be A4 and sold at £8 each, plus shipping if required. Email Jane to place your order! 

Happy Hallowe’en!

Happy Hallowe’en! And now is a great time to tell you that black cats are often overlooked at cat shelters. We can’t imagine why as we think black cats are lucky... not to mention gorgeous, silky, beautiful, loving and special.

This little beauty was posing for our calendar, with some Hallowe’en accessories kindly loaned by volunteer Marina. Unfortunately, the pictures didn’t make the final cut, but we had fun taking them... hiding Dreamies in the skulls to keep the cats interested!

This little kitty has gone to his new home now, but there are always black cats needing homes at Woodland Nook. Right now we have Pollyanna, Juliette and her babies, Joe and Dan.

Contact us if you’d like to make and appointment to visit!

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

More "Happy ever afters"!

Great news for Lucky Jim, one of our most handsome Woodland Nook residents... he has gone to his new home, where he’s enjoying lots of fuss.

Jim only has three legs but that doesn't hold him back. Having a new home is fabulous news for him, as he was not happy mixing with the other cats, so had to stay in isolation. To make matters worse, he was reluctant to use his warm shelter for some reason, so was sleeping outside in the cold!

Saturday, 25 October 2014

A few updates...

Lots to report as we’ve been bogged down with the calendar for the past couple of weeks.

Calendar update

A big thank you to everyone who sent in pictures. We’ve had some fabulous entries and a few lucky volunteers will have their work showcased and be put down on the list for a free calendar when it becomes available.

Choosing the pictures was a very difficult task and involved lots of people! Some images were left out for simple reasons such as shape and size. Don’t be put off if yours wasn’t chosen – keep taking those pictures for the 2016 calendar!

No spoilers just yet but we can tell you that the calendar will be A4 and available for £8 plus shipping (charged at cost). A limited supply will be available, so why not order yours now? CLICK HERE to email Jane and place your order.

Events update

We have lots of fundraising events coming up, which we hope you will support. Remember, Woodland Nook is funded entirely by your donations ... and you can imagine the size of the cat food bill! Hope to see you at one or more of the following:

Sunday, 23rd November, 11am-4pm: Christmas Market, Genesis Centre, Alfreton. Tombola and cake stall – prizes and home baking donations very gratefully received!

Friday, 28th November, 4.45pm-7pm: Christmas Lights Switch-on, Alfreton House, High Street, Alfreton. Woodland Nook is serving pies and peas!

Sunday, 7th December, 11am-4pm, Santa Claws Fundraiser, Woodland Nook, Delves Bank Road, Swanwick. Our first event to be held INSIDE the shelter!

Cats update

Finally, there have been some comings and goings at Woodland Nook in the past few days. Buddy,  Paddy and the last of the Jellybeans (little black kittens) have all gone to their new forever homes. Fifi and Fido are leaving on Sunday.

Fido and Fifi... off to their new home tomorrow

Graham - found his forever home
Remember Graham? He arrived in a very sorry state and had to be kept isolated because, despite craving human contact, he was very aggressive towards the other cats. The great news is that his foster mum has decided to keep him... and he’s now healthy, happy and flea-free! Well, he’s such a loving cat, that we knew she wouldn’t be able to resist his charm!

And we’ve welcomed Juliette and her babies, into the shelter, too! A busy couple of weeks!

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Calendar photo contest

(Final version may vary)

We are currently working on an A4 2015 calendar for Woodland Nook, featuring cats and kittens from the shelter, past and present.  And this is where you come in!

We are looking for top quality photographs to feature on the calendar – and if your picture is chosen, you’ll get your calendar FREE!

Photographs must be:
  • good, well composed images
  • landscape, not portrait
  • high resolution - so if you email them in, choose “actual size”
  • photo must feature a cat (or cats!) who is currently at Woodland Nook, or who has been rehomed from Woodland Nook
You can email your images to me via this link but they must arrive before 11pm on Thursday, 23rd October, as time really is running out to get this completed.  If you have a few photos which you would like to be considered, feel free to send smaller versions first, as long as you can provide a full-sized version on request. 

If your image is chosen, you will be asked to provide further details of the cat featured (if known) and you will receive a free copy of the calendar when it becomes available. 

If your image is not chosen, please don’t take it personally! It might simply be that it’s not large enough to blow up to A4. Or it may be that we already have 400 pictures of black and white cats and are looking for more variety. (In any event, the decision will be taken by a panel of very scary judges and their decision is final!)

Can’t wait to see your pictures! 

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Luke needs a home

Lovely, gentle Luke is looking for a home. He's seven months old, neutered and chipped. Unfortunately, he's being bullied by the adult cat he lives with, who is extremely aggressive towards him. His owner is concerned that Luke will get badly hurt so has reluctantly given him up for adoption. 

Luke has a beautiful temperament, gets on with dogs and children, and is currently a house cat.

If you'd like to visit Luke, please get in touch using the contact details at the top of the page. 

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Bobby needs a home

Bobby is an older cat, around 12 years old according to the vet, and he really needs a home. He was found as a stray and brought to the safety of Woodland Nook, where he’s really not keen on all those feisty little kittens running around. He wants a quieter life, so currently spends a lot of time on Wendy House roof.

He’s a great-looking cat, with a lionesque mane of fur (albeit in black) and a great character to match.  Very friendly, just a little intimidated by all the “young folk” dashing around!

If you would like to meet Bobby, make an appointment to visit the shelter using the contact details at the top of the page. Bobby would be delighted to meet you!

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

A home needed for little Fineas (disturbing content)

Warning: graphic images, do not scroll down if squeamish.

Jane and friends at Woodland Nook are trying to raise funds to help a little kitten called Fineas, who is currently in the care of Cats Pyjamas, a rescue centre in Crete, where he has just had to have both eyes removed, at great expense, due to an infection. He was found blind and staggering along the road – and would surely have died had a kind-hearted Greek family not found him and taken him to the vet.

He was too small and weak to undergo an operation immediately but was nursed back to health to enable the procedure to take place earlier this week. 

Jane says: “He is a beautiful little soul and I’ve personally met him. He’s very loving but frightened.”

Jane and friends have managed to raise enough money to bring him over to the UK for further rehabilitation and rehoming. 

Fineas is friendly and loving, and can cope with other cats, but not too many. While he will never be able to be an outdoor cat, he will be able to live a full and active life. Once they are settled and familiar with their environment, blind cats can find their way around easily and even learn to chase toys!

Fineas before the op, with infected eyes
If you would like to contribute towards Fineas’ vet bills and care, you can donate via Paypal, which is You don’t need to have a Paypal account, you can use your credit card. 

Alternatively, you can donate via online bank transfer, using the following details:

Sort code: 05-07-15 
Account No: 47127069

All donations will be forwarded to Cats Pyjamas in Crete. 

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Feeling festive at Woodland Nook


The kittens are getting a little excited about Christmas! They were all very keen to climb into this fantastic sleigh, made by Marina, one of our volunteers.

But there’s only one thing on these kittens’ Christmas lists... and that’s a loving home. Here are three of the babies waiting to find a new family to love.

There’s gorgeous Tinka, who really is very loving and has an extremely loud purr.  And beautiful Porsche, who is a little shy. At the bottom there’s Fido, who needs to rehomed with his equally beautiful sister, Fifi. The pair have the most spectacular ear hair and they’re both adorable!

So what are you waiting for? Make an appointment to view this weekend and you could have a lovely addition (or two) to your family!



Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Dalton finds a home

Handsome Dalton has gone off to his new home. Here he is preparing himself for the big event, so that he looks extra smart and clean!