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Monday, 10 November 2014

Lovely Loulou - STILL needs a home

Poor Loulou. Always overlooked, just because she can be a little bit feisty. But maybe you want a boring cat that doesn’t do much? You’re not going to get that with Loulou. 

Loulou came all the way from Crete to Woodland Nook to find her forever home and yet she’s still waiting. It’s incomprehensible because she’s...

Beautiful - she has gorgeous, unique markings and the softest of soft fur.

Intelligent - she knows her name and comes running when you call her.

Friendly - she loves to be stroked and fussed. 
In quiet moments, she loves to sit on your knee. 

Feisty - even though she loves fuss, she will let you know when it’s time to stop. 
But she’s not aggressive with it; remember she is still very young so has a lot to learn. 

Playful - she adores playing with sticks and twigs! 
She loves climbing trees and especially enjoys shredding leaves!

Unique - despite being a cat, she likes nothing better than to play with water. 
She loves it when you fill the fountain.

Quirky - And if she gets under your feet when you’re trying to clean, just give her a dripping tap! 

A little bit weird - even the watering can is fascinating to Loulou. 

Adventurous - take a look at Loulou scaling the mesh on the Wendy house door!

Sad - Loulou really wants a home, and a human, she can call her own. All those kittens get on her nerves and, even though she doesn’t exactly crave a quiet life, she does enjoy a bit of peace and quiet now and again. 

On a personal note, if we had a vacancy, we would have Loulou. We once had a cat very much like her. A rescue cat like Loulou, her name was Phoebe and she was friendly, but with a feisty nature. But she was as gentle as anything with our baby daughter (now a Woodland Nook volunteer!) and was an important part of our family for 11 years. I hope that one day soon, somebody will give Loulou the chance that we gave Phoebe and allow her to become part of their lives. 

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