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Monday, 19 January 2015

A new home for Ceefur!

After seven long years waiting for her chance, Ceefur, “Miss January” in the Woodland Nook Calendar, has finally gone to her forever home!

Ceefur came to Woodland Nook in 2007. Despite being a beautiful tabby with the most amazing green eyes, she was considered “hard to home” due to her troubled past. Poor Ceefur had been abused by a man who wore gloves to protect himself. How could anyone be so cruel?

Consequently, despite being very wary of people, volunteers could never protect themselves with gloves as this only made her more aggressive.

But, gradually, over the years, Ceefur learned to trust again. She still has her moments but she’s a different animal these days.

Unfortunately, Ceefur wasn’t too happy at Woodland Nook because she was mistrustful of the other cats and wasn’t keen on all the hustle and bustle. Happily, she found comfort, peace and quiet at Jane’s cattery, Top Cat ’n’ Tails, where she had a luxury pen to herself, and even ventured out for a chat with the staff from time to time. She flourished at Top Cat but it’s not the same as a real home.

So it is very happy news that Ceefur finally has her forever home, where she will be cherished and respected... and treated like the Queen that she is. Ceefur and her new owner are very lucky to have found each other.

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