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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Hard to home... easier to love

Ask any cat shelter volunteer and they will tell you that some cats are harder to rehome than others. Needless to say, it’s the cute little kittens which are snapped up first. Any cat older than 12 months is going to find it more difficult... and elderly kitties really struggle. Throw in a bit of bad temper and they barely stand a chance unless somebody very special comes along.

But lately we have had three very special cats find very special owners and all three are doing extremely well. Let’s take a look...

Nobody could have predicted that Loulou would turn out to be so hard to home. Brought over from Crete at a fairly young age, she was pretty, playful, affectionate and fun. But she did have an unfortunate tendency to lash out, often with no warning. One attempt at rehoming failed and Loulou looked destined to become a long-term resident at Woodland Nook.

But just look at her now! Still playful, still affectionate... and now so much more relaxed. She is also totally adored!

Poor Kitty did nothing wrong but fate dealt her a tough hand. She was rehomed from Woodland Nook several years ago but then, on Christmas Day in 2013, her owner died and she was returned. Her age was against her, and her discomfort at being around so many other cats made her irritable. For over a year she watched as other cats came and went, but she was left behind, sitting on top of the cupboard, not particularly happy.

But look at her now – she looks like a different cat. She’s not ready to sit on laps yet but enjoys sleeping on her new mum’s bed, watches the birds through the patio windows and is happy to be stroked.

A terrible background of abuse led Ceefur to become unpredictable and frequently aggressive. But years – and I mean YEARS – of love and care in the safe hands of Woodland Nook really calmed her down. After an operation, she was allowed to recuperate in the quieter environment of Jane’s cattery, Top Cat ’n’ Tails at Hilcote, and thrived so much there that she stayed for over a year.

Ceefur (now Polly)
Ceefur is currently enjoying a trial period in a new home. We don’t have any pictures of her yet but the trial is going extremely well. Ceefur has a new, more dignified name: Polly. She now loves being stroked and even sits on her new owner’s knee! This is incredible progress for a cat who had just a hard time.

So next time you’re in the market for a cat, please don’t feel it has to be a cute little kitten. The rewards are huge if you can taken on a hard-to-home cat and give it the love and security it deserves.

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