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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Three little kittens... Basil, Mavro and Mousey

Basil, Mavro and Mousey as kittens - they nearly didn’t make it.

Meet Basil, Mavro and Mousey… three little kittens who very nearly lost their lives!

This terrific trio have come to Woodland Nook from Crete, where they were discovered in a terrible state. Handed over the Cretan cat shelter in a cardboard box, they were motherless and suffering from hypothermia, diarrhoea which had caused acid burns to their feet, cat flu and dehydration. Not a lot going for them, in fact. 

But a LOT of tender, loving care and nursing – along with some frightening moments when they nearly didn’t make it – and these plucky little kittens are now healthy, happy cats. 

Beautiful Basil
The two black cats are called Mavro (Greek for “black”) and Mousey; the tabby is called Basil, although he was initally called Tilda! Three vets, two nurses and the helpers at the Cretan cat shelter all thought he was a girl until the opposite proved to be true when he was about five months old. 

Mavro on the bench at Woodland Nook. 

Being hand-reared has made these gorgeous cats very friendly. Basil is very much a lap cat who loves affection and craves human contact. Mavro and Mousey are a lively pair, who chase around the garden at lightning speed, climbing everything. Mousey is a gentle soul, while her brother is more independent but they both love people. 

Mousey in bed at Woodland Nook.

All three cats are available for adoption. Why not make an appointment to visit our unique shelter and meet them? You’re sure to be smitten! 

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  1. These three little kittens are cute! I love cats that's why when I saw your kittens I get interested to read your blog. I wish someday I can have a 3 little kittens like yours! Anyway, I want you to know that when your kittens are dirty or they are sick, you can bring them into Vets Sheppey! Thank you!